Trends for 2023 in Cosmetics Logistics

The beauty, hygiene and cosmetics industry is present in many areas of our society and is firmly rooted in our daily lives. We all use products that help us feel better and promote our physical and mental wellbeing. Organisations dedicated to manufacturing and distributing...
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Trends in veterinary logistics for 2023

E-commerce and the high demand in many sectors have led to logistics improvements in the last few years in order to meet the needs of the global market. One of the sectors that has grown exponentially and will continue to do so for years...
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Trends for 2023 in Pharmaceutical Logistics

The different layers of the logistics chain are working on a daily basis to individually improve and optimise the entire process of storing, distributing and transporting goods nationally and internationally. One of the fastest growing sectors is the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout 2022, it has...
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Delivering medicine to pharmacies from a warehouse

Pharmaceutical logistics involves a variety of processes and phases, ranging from temperature-controlled storage of medicine to proper labelling and packaging, to transport in a suitable cargo aircraft. One of the most important tasks is the transport and distribution of medicine from the logistics warehouse...
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Transport, Storage and Distribution of Dietary and Food Supplements

Health care is very important for society as a whole. Many people need to improve their daily diet and nutrition with dietary or food supplements that provide nutrients or vitamins to their bodies that increase their levels of iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin...
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Medical Device Logistics

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving to better serve patients. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased investment in medical research and development. This is linked to the fact that, from time to time, innovations and developments arise not only in...
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The Importance of a Strategic Partner in Customs

International transport has almost no geographical limits. Today we can send goods and products to any part of the world, as long as we have the necessary resources and contacts. To achieve this, land, sea and air transport sectors have evolved significantly in recent...
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The benefits of efficient reverse logistics

In the field of logistics, characteristics such as immediacy, transparency, traceability and agility in each and every process are becoming increasingly important. One of the differential processes in the logistics cycle is undoubtedly reverse logistics, which has undergone a huge evolution in recent years...
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