The cold chain is a critical process in logistics, especially for organisations involved in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics, fine chemicals and emerging sectors such as food supplements and Medical Devices. The cold chain refers to the transportation and storage of products that require a controlled temperature to maintain their quality and safety. This is particularly important for heat-sensitive products such as medicines, vaccines, cosmetics, and chemical materials.

The integrity of the cold chain depends on several factors, such as the quality of packaging, accuracy of temperature control and staff training. At Airpharm we are very aware of this, and we use all the knowledge we have acquired over more than thirty years operating in the sector to keep the cold chain active and under control throughout the logistics chain. Our facilities are authorised by the Medication and Healthcare Products Agency as a warehouse for medicines under customs control or surveillance. Each mode of transport has its own regulations and temperature requirements, which can affect costs and delivery times. At Airpharm we assess the best air, sea, and land transport options for each of our clients on a personalised basis.

Logistics also involves the distribution of products from warehouses to points of sale. Personalised processes and transparency are important to meet customers’ needs and maintain their loyalty to manufacturing brands. Traceability of the cold chain is also crucial to ensure product quality and safety, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements. This is why it is essential to have an expert partner in this area.

Logistics outsourcing is becoming an increasingly common practice in many companies and industries. At Airpharm we work to reduce costs and time in logistics processes in order to increase efficiency. We assist in the transit through customs 3 when it is necessary to import or export internationally. Customs regulations and requirements may vary depending on the country and type of product. We are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and work to ensure that the cold chain is not broken.

empresa logistica cadena de frio airpharm

The cold chain in transport, storage, and distribution

If you manage or run an organisation dedicated to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics or fine chemicals sector and you want to go one step further by optimising logistics processes with the cold chain in mind, contact Airpharm now and we will help you to ensure efficiency in the transport, storage and distribution of sensitive products.

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