There are several factors that define and shape the logistics sector today. One of them is customer focus, both for the company that produces, markets, and ships the goods, as well as for the companies or individuals who receive the products.

The boom in e-commerce and the evolution of the logistics sector itself has meant that customization and traceability in shipments are common practice in the majority of society, whether companies or individuals. This way of completing transactions not only applies to people who go to an online store from their home or smartphone to purchase a product, it is also common and essential in commercial transactions between companies, known by the acronym B2B (business to business).

For this reason, logistics and transportation are highly specialized today, making it necessary for organizations and companies to know the location and status of their shipments at any given moment. Companies and users want to know if their goods are in a warehouse or what type of vehicle they are being transported in, the temperature at they are traveling at, what city or country they are in, or if they have passed through customs without incident.

At Airpharm, the customer is our reason for being. Customer focus is present in all of our company’s processes and forms an essential part of our internal culture. This makes us develop our daily activity thinking about the best way to help organizations to achieve their goals, through logistics. The services we offer and implement are characterized by a careful study of their situation, through a close relationship and knowledge of their procedures, in order to provide appropriate responses to their specific needs.

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The importance of customization in shipments and logistics

We customize all services in the logistics chain for companies in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics and fine chemicals sectors. We are aware that each shipment requires a personalized and adjusted treatment since each merchandise requires specific, direct, and exhaustive attention in order to minimize risks and obtain the best results.

Customer focus will define the future of the logistics sector. At Airpharm we work, day by day, to build the present and the future of the sector, providing tailor-made services that increase the efficiency of the organization. Do you need to ship goods with a meticulous customization? Contact Airpharm now and let’s work together.

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