Air transport is essential for pharmaceutical logistics, as it allows for shipments to be made quickly without compromising the safety of the medicines. This method ensures compliance with critical factors such as humidity and temperature control in the cargo aircraft.

An effective option for this sector is groupage, also known as freight consolidation. Groupage involves combining multiple smaller consignments into one larger one, optimizing space, reducing costs and improving sustainability. The following are various groupage strategies for the domestic or international air transport of pharmaceutical products:

  • Select a reliable logistics partner: It is vital to partner with a logistics operator experienced in handling pharmaceuticals and managing consolidated shipments. This partner must comply with regulations such as the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) established by the European Medicines Agency and have the corresponding certifications.
  • Plan and coordinate: It is essential to coordinate shipments to ensure that all goods are ready at the same time. A well-structured shipping schedule can minimize delays and optimize medicines logistics.
  • Regulatory compliance: The goods must be accompanied by all necessary documents, such as air waybills (Air Waybill, AWB), certificates of origin and import or export permits. This will facilitate transit through customs at the airport of origin and destination.
  • Cold chain control: The freight forwarder must ensure that the temperature during the flight will be adequate. Monitoring temperature during transit adds significant value to the service.
A company for sending pharmaceuticals by plane to other countries

A company for sending pharmaceuticals by plane to other countries

It is essential to consider several factors to ensure that medical devices such as medicines and vaccines are transported by air without any incidents or deterioration. At Airpharm, we specialize in this type of groupage, offering our customers the best conditions without neglecting any aspects. We are experts in pharmaceutical logistics.

Our facilities are authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products as a warehouse for medicines under customs control or surveillance. In addition, we use approved transports to preserve the quality of pharmaceutical products. If you are interested in groupage for pharmaceutical products, contact Airpharm now and we will advise you on how to do it in a fast, traceable and safe way.

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