Logistics consultancy plays a key role in the supply chain of companies involved in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary, cosmetics, fine chemicals, medical devices, and food supplements. In an increasingly globalised world, transport, logistics and distribution of goods are becoming indispensable to the success of these industries. Often, when talking about logistics, emphasis is placed on the importance of technology and automation. However, we must not overlook the human value in these processes.

Technology has revolutionised logistics consultancy, optimising time, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. However, the human factor is still crucial to ensure efficient and quality logistics consultancy. Big data and artificial intelligence have burst onto the market in recent times to obtain faster responses, but having human support, help and advice from people who are aware of our goods and treat them as if they were their own adds a powerful intangible value. There are some key aspects that highlight the human value of logistics consultancy.

  • Expertise: Logistics consultancy professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge they have gained from their work on a day-to-day basis. They understand the complexities of logistics processes, from inventory management to customs requirements. Their expertise enables accurate planning and informed decision making.
  • Personalisation and attention to detail: Care and personalisation are key elements in logistics consultancy. Each company and sector have specific needs, and the human factor ensures that personalised attention is given to each client, adapting to their particular requirements, and guaranteeing a quality service.
  • Effective communication: Smooth and efficient communication between all the parties involved is essential in logistics consultancy. Professionals in this sector are adept at building strong relationships with suppliers, carriers and customs, which facilitates coordination and problem solving quickly and efficiently. Having person-to- person communication is better than communication with a computer or algorithms.
  • Risk management: Despite technological advances, unforeseen events can occur in the supply chain. In these cases, the human factor is crucial to adapt quickly and find alternative solutions. Logistics consultants have the capacity to manage contingencies and minimise negative impacts in any national or international logistics operation.
  • Strategic outsourcing: Outsourcing logistics consultancy can be an efficient strategy. By relying on highly experienced external professionals, you can access their specialised knowledge and experience in managing logistical challenges. This allows companies to focus on their core business while receiving a personalised and quality advisory service.
A human company in the logistics sector airpharm

A human company in the logistics sector

At Airpharm we place high value on the human factor in all the logistical processes we carry out. We offer our customers in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics, fine chemicals, medical devices, and food supplements sectors a personalised and humane service.

Communication is complete, thanks in part to traceability, which guarantees real-time knowledge of the status and location of each product or group of products. Our work is nourished by values such as honesty, excellence, efficiency, proximity, experience, and solidarity, which we highlight on our website as a sign of our commitment.

Our aim is to promote social progress by applying intelligence in logistics processes, relying on humanisation, and generating a transformation in both organisations and people. For this reason, we are committed to carrying out our work in a responsible manner and to maintaining a strong commitment to the environment that surrounds us.

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