The logistics sector progresses at an extremely fast pace every single day, incorporating disruptive elements. Innovation and sophisticated technology has improved storage, distribution and transport processes over the past few years and it is thought that this will continue in the future. Outsourcing plays an important role in this development, because often an organisation focused on its main activity does not have access to these improvements or knowledge.

The term outsourcing in our sector refers to the externalisation of certain specialised tasks in order to achieve a higher level of efficiency at each stage of the logistics chain. This service can be applied to the shipment of goods for sectors such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary, cosmetics or fine chemicals.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing in logistics include the following:

  • Traceability of goods, in order to know the status of products at all times.
  • Digitalisation of procedures, ensuring that all operations are in digital format.
  • Flexibility in all processes, guaranteeing availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Extensive experience in storage and transport, thanks to an experienced company in the logistics sector.
  • Correct labelling of products, providing comprehensive control over the stored, distributed and transported goods.
  • Temperature control during storage and distribution to ensure that no product deterioration occurs.
  • Security in transport from point of origin to destination, by using the fastest and busiest routes in the world.
  • Fixed costs are reduced in the company, as the service is not requested based on demand and needs.
  • Productivity increases, because tasks are carried out by experienced members of staff who are dedicated exclusively to them.
  • Reduced incidences, with a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • An expert takes care of the documentation and administrative proceedings for transport and customs, ensuring that no mistakes are made as a result of inexperience.

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How does a company externalise its logistics? An example of successful outsourcing

At Airpharm we help you with your logistics in an efficient, fast and safe way, based on over thirty years of experience in this sector. With our outsourcing service you will have constant and transparent contact with our team, who will inform you at all times of the status of your logistics, the goods and their traceability.

Contact us now and we will take care of the storage, distribution and transportation of your goods, whether they are pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics or fine chemicals products, or other highly specialised sectors.

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