In recent years, our world has been confronted with an event that has had a major impact on the lives of millions of people. The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus has changed the behaviors, rhythms of life and priorities of societies on all sides of the globe.

Since March 2020, the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have gained prominence because of this event and have emerged as key sectors for ensuring health. Greater importance has been given to the work of healthcare professionals and to the corporations in charge of manufacturing, storing, and distributing medicines. In this context, pharmaceutical logistics has been of paramount importance, which has been able to transport, store and distribute not only vaccines against the virus but also essential health material such as masks and other personal protective equipment.

Looking to the future, the new paradigm has in turn created new challenges for the logistics sector to improve the way it works:

  • Tackling new health crises such as pandemics by providing accurate and rapid responses to pharmaceutical companies and local and national governments.
  • Improve land, sea and air transport of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods with the best conditions to maintain the cold chain.
  • Reach every corner of the globe. To serve millions of people who do not live in large cities and have difficulty receiving medicines.
  • Increase research, innovation and development of all logistical aspects in order to be always prepared for any need.
  • Actively implement actions in favor of sustainability and environmental care in the different phases of the logistics chain.
  • Digitize all processes of management, documentation, inventory and shipment of pharmaceutical goods, both during storage and transport.
  • Actively manage data to anticipate customer needs in order to meet their future actions. – Increase transparency and traceability in real time of each product, in a complete and exhaustive way to have total control of the goods.
  • Optimize the knowledge of the team that makes up the logistics company. Giving value to the professionalization in each of the departments.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Challenges airpharm company

Logistics organizations with greater agility and quality in their processes, will lead how to meet these challenges. At Airpharm we rely on continuous improvement and our quality department to provide the best answers.

Recognized pharmaceutical logistics operator

At Airpharm, thanks to our experience of more than thirty years in the sector, we have managed to adapt to the current circumstances in an exceptional way. This has allowed us to continue to be trusted by numerous organizations that rely on us directly, and by society, which can see how the transit of pharmaceutical products does not suffer delays and sees its health centers, hospitals and pharmacies properly supplied.

If you need your pharmaceutical products to be in the best care from the moment they leave the laboratory until they reach their recipient, contact us now and our team will tell you the best way to join the effective, fast and efficient pharmaceutical logistics that we develop in Airpharm.

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