In the field of logistics, characteristics such as immediacy, transparency, traceability and agility in each and every process are becoming increasingly important. One of the differential processes in the logistics cycle is undoubtedly reverse logistics, which has undergone a huge evolution in recent years and guarantees the return of products from the destination to the origin or other points of strategic interest on an operational or environmental level.

When a company sends goods and they arrive defective, late or incorrect, reverse logistics is used to bring the received goods back to the starting point or to find an alternative location for them. In this sense, it is appreciated that this process is efficient both for the sender of the goods to recover them quickly, and for the receiver who wishes to return a product that does not belong to him or that takes up space in his warehouses and offices.

Ideally, this type of logistics should not be necessary and imports and exports should be clear, effective and quick. Having an experienced logistics operator such as Airpharm is essential for efficient and successful business transactions and reduces reverse logistics. Our way of working guarantees traceability and the perfect storage, distribution and transportation of goods that we carry out in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary, cosmetics and fine chemicals. But we also help to manage goods that, due to special operational circumstances, have to be returned to their place of origin or provided with a storage solution.

Other examples of reverse logistics

While it is true that reverse logistics is associated with returned products, it is also important to note that its definition is associated with other very important tasks for companies that market pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and fine chemical products.

  • Proper waste treatment
  • Recycling of sensitive materials
  • Incineration of products
  • Controlled destruction of hazardous products
  • Storage of waste that has no useful life

At Airpharm we are aware of the importance of caring for the environment and we are committed to sustainability throughout the logistics chain, including the final disposal of products used in medicine and pharmaceutical activities, those used by veterinary professionals in animal care, those linked to cosmetics and the sensitive elements treated in fine chemistry processes.

Do you need an efficient logistics operator for the shipment, storage and distribution of goods that guarantees the safety and proper handling of products in reverse logistics as well? Contact Airpharm now and place your logistics in the hands of a company with more than thirty years of experience in the sector.

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