International transport has almost no geographical limits. Today we can send goods and products to any part of the world, as long as we have the necessary resources and contacts. To achieve this, land, sea and air transport sectors have evolved significantly in recent years, adapting the best logistical and technological solutions, resulting in an exponential improvement in international processes.

One of the aspects to be taken into account in all imports and exports is the customs border crossing. Having a partner or strategic ally at this point in the logistics chain is a great advantage when it comes to ensuring a smooth transit. An expert customs partner knows the idiosyncrasies of each market, understands the international context and will adopt the best solutions for each situation. This translates into agility and efficiency.

At Airpharm we are aware that that every minute counts in any freight forwarding operation. We work to help companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, fine chemicals and other growing sectors. We advise and accompany organisations so that all the bureaucratic procedures, documentation, labelling and packaging of products is correct and the commercial dossier is always a success. This way, their transactions are always guaranteed and they can initiate internationalisation processes after receiving expert advice.

Save time and money when going through customs

We work as a customs representative and our customs department is made up of a team of experienced people who specialise in all aspects of moving goods through customs in any country. In addition, we are authorised as a customs representative agent by the Customs and Excise Department as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in the complete modality (Simplifications and Security). As a result, we are considered a trusted partner of the administration, and we work with them to contribute what we learn from our logistical experience.

Our extensive knowledge of complementary procedures to customs clearance guarantees added value for our clients who require customs services related to sectors such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine, as well as SOIVRE, CITES, phytosanitary, foreign health, animal health and plant health.

Having a strategic customs partner will help you with all your shipments, and in highly specialised sectors such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary, cosmetics and fine chemicals it is important to rely on maximum security. Contact Airpharm now and we will offer personalised assistance throughout the process so that your shipments are highly efficient.

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