Sustainability is an inescapable aspect of 21st century society. Concern for the environment affects all sectors of activity, including the pharmaceutical industry.

For the pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing sector, it is critical to apply sustainability in laboratories, offices, warehouses, and in distribution and transportation to the point of sale, such as pharmacies.

Sustainable practices in pharmaceutical logistics

There are a number of practices pharmaceutical companies can implement throughout the logistics process to reduce environmental impact:

  • Supply chain optimization: Plan more efficient transportation routes-whether by land, sea, or air-to reduce transit times and minimize the use of fossil fuels. Using advanced route management software and implementing shipment consolidation practices can go a long way toward reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Use renewable energy: Logistics facilities can be equipped with solar panels or wind turbines to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources. In addition, the use of electric vehicles to transport pharmaceuticals can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Efficient cold chain management: It is vital to maintain controlled temperature and humidity throughout the logistics chain for pharmaceutical products. Implementing advanced monitoring and control systems that ensure energy efficiency and avoid losses due to sudden temperature changes is essential. In addition, the use of approved equipment and transportation guarantees the preservation of the quality of pharmaceutical products.
  • Sustainable materials and packaging: Using recyclable or biodegradable packaging and implementing container recovery and recycling programs can significantly reduce waste. Innovation in packaging design can reduce the amount of material used and improve the efficiency of storage and transportation space.
  • Responsible waste management: Proper classification and disposal of hazardous waste, activation of recycling and reuse practices in accordance with regulations, and sustainable reverse logistics are all important aspects.
logistics company committed to sustainability

A logistics company committed to sustainability

Every logistics company must operate in accordance with these and other sustainable practices. It is essential to have a team of specialized professionals who are committed to environmentally friendly principles and values. At Airpharm, sustainability is part of our DNA, and we help pharmaceutical companies take care of the planet while storing, distributing and transporting their medicines anywhere in the world.

If you want your pharmaceutical logistics to be more environmentally friendly, thinking of present and future generations, contact Airpharm now. We will help you add value to the sustainability of your logistics operations without sacrificing safety, traceability, efficiency or speed.

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