The beauty, hygiene and cosmetics industry is present in many areas of our society and is firmly rooted in our daily lives. We all use products that help us feel better and promote our physical and mental wellbeing. Organisations dedicated to manufacturing and distributing cosmetic products develop their sales activity throughout the year, with extra production activities at very specific times, such as Christmas, as well as other dates when demand increases.

In order to get cosmetic products from the laboratories to the suppliers, it is necessary to correctly activate a logistics chain that takes into account processes such as storage, distribution and transport with the right conditions for each product. Logistics must be more flexible and adapt to different realities.

The year 2023 presents a number of trends in cosmetics logistics that will improve the sector’s value chain and benefit all the organisations involved in the logistics chain.

  • Improved processes for the storage of cosmetic products. Advancing innovation and development of logistics warehouses with comprehensive monitoring of goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fully controlled distribution, based on labelling according to international standards and detailed traceability of each product.
  • One hundred per cent efficient transport, reducing delivery times while increasing safety and maintaining the cold chain at all times so that no cosmetics are damaged during transport to the warehouse or retail space.
  • Personalisation and a customer-based focus for cosmetic logistics, which will increase companies’ confidence in pursuing an outsourcing strategy to reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Effective and environmentally friendly packaging that is durable and as biodegradable as possible, contributing to the sustainability of the industry
  • The global nature of trade, which means that many companies may have customers in other parts of the world. Being knowledgeable about the logistics sector and having the help of an experienced operator provides a guarantee.
  • Commitment to sustainability and working to reduce the carbon footprint with green logistics.
  • A need for companies to partner with expert logistics providers, who have the suitable certificates suitable and the highest safety conditions for the products.
  • Collaborations with logistics partners who can add value to production, through stock control, labelling, packaging and other outsourcing needs.

Cosmetics logistics company

Being familiar with the bureaucratic procedures, knowing about export and import tariffs, and reducing the time spent in customs helps cosmetic logistics operate more smoothly. At Airpharm, we specialise in the entire process and are a strategic partner in 360º integrated logistics at the service of any company working in cosmetics.

If you need a cosmetic logistics service for your organisation, contact Airpharm now and we will help you through every step to get your products sent anywhere in the world.

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