Fine chemicals are defined as products manufactured and handled in relatively small quantities and usually in a pure state. They can be categorized into three types: firstly, biocides, such as preservatives, disinfectants, fungicides, pesticides, or insecticides; active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are defined as substances used in medicines; and specialty chemicals such as adhesives, cleaning materials, food additives, industrial gases or paints.

These products must be handled with the utmost care in the logistics chain, both in their packaging and transportation and in their storage and distribution. How can we achieve this with the best guarantees of safety and efficiency? For this, it is highly recommended to count on the services of a company like Airpharm.

At Airpharm we have more than 30 years of experience in international transportation, customs management and storage of highly regulated products. Our team is made up of more than 250 professionals who work every day in the transportation and handling of, amongst others, fine chemicals. We offer international transportation, logistics and distribution, customs management, and outsourcing services.

  • International transportation: We export fine chemical products by air, land or sea transportation according to their own needs. The packaging will be appropriate and will be temperature controlled with the corresponding labeling.
  • Logistics and distribution: We take care of the reception, control and identification of your fine chemical products with proper traceability. Storage is carried out in cold storage chambers under controlled temperature conditions that are supervised by our team 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We prepare orders according to demand and optimally manage the reverse logistics of the goods.
  • Customs: Our experience in customs management is unique. We work to ensure that the documentation attached to your goods is correct so that there is no delay in the transit of the products. Our bonded warehouse guarantees the best conditions for your fine chemical products to maintain their properties for as long as they need.
  • Outsourcing: logistics outsourcing is one of the great advantages in the management and movement of goods for companies dedicated to fine chemicals. This way of working reduces time and costs, which is extremely beneficial for the entire logistics chain and for our customers.

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Logistics services for the fine chemicals industry

At Airpharm we serve all companies that manufacture and trade in fine chemicals. Do you need to transport or store fine chemicals? Contact Airpharm now and we will answer all your doubts and questions to make your logistic operations a complete success.

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