Where is my goods? When will my shipment arrive? Is it traveling in good condition? These are some of the basic questions that organizations and professionals ask themselves when carrying out a freight forwarding operation. Knowing the status of our products is an important added value in the logistics chain.

Having access to the traceability of the shipment brings transparency, security and confidence to the company or individual who is exporting or importing goods. At Airpharm we are aware of this and we offer our customers this service so that they know at all times the status of their pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic or fine chemical products, among others.

Digitalization is essential to enjoy a good traceability that adds value to the business, consolidates relationships and has the minimum possible error. Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to know whether the goods are in the warehouse, under what temperature conditions, whether they are in transit and in which transport, whether by ship, plane or truck, whether they have crossed customs, the delivery times, whether they have arrived at their destination, etc. This information is very useful for business planning and operations.

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The importance of real-time traceability

At Airpharm we offer real-time traceability as an intelligent logistics strategy. We guarantee global, efficient, fast and effective transport. This way of working is a good way to increase sustainability in the different steps of the transport chain. This benefits the environment and the planet on which future generations will live. Times are shortened and this is good for the goods, the customer and reduces the environmental impact.

This way of working also applies to reverse logistics, which can sometimes be both cumbersome and tedious for organizations. With good traceability like the one we implement at Airpharm, the efficiency of returning packages to their point of origin reaches its peak.

Do you want to ship goods and know at all times where your shipment is, with full transparency and no opacity? Contact Airpharm now and our team of professionals will explain all the features of our services.

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