As a benchmark logistics organisation, at Airpharm we are driven by our self-demanding and rigorous approach to providing the best results in terms of quality. Our daily motivation is to achieve perfection throughout the entire logistics cycle, which is why we apply a process-focused ongoing improvement process.

We have a quality department made up of experts from the logistics sector in specific sectors and positions, who help us to achieve the excellence we pursue.


Structured quality system

A Quality Department made up of more than 15 qualified professionals who carry out more than 40 audits every year, both with clients and internally. At Airpharm our processes are oriented to the satisfaction of our clients, ensuring the quality, security, and effectiveness of the processes, as well as guaranteeing regulatory compliance. All our teams and systems are certified/qualified according to GxP, and our processes are defined according to risk analysis criteria. We have security and hygiene programs and calibration and maintenance plans.

Zero error

Our systems are designed to incorporate improvements on an ongoing basis and always have a narrow margin of error. Ongoing improvement takes place throughout our organisation in all departments.

Differential certifications

Our organisation is pioneer in obtaining all the authorisations and certifications in the logistics sector and collaborates with institutions for improving all logistics processes. We have certifications from WDA, GMP, GDP, Health Registry, SILUM, Psychotropics/Narcotics and Drug Precursors, OAS, NSP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Efficiency Network.

Technological innovation

We base our work on technological innovation and the opportunities to improve all logistics processes, applying technologies such as AI, Robotics and IoT. Quality extends to the entire logistics chain and to land, sea, and air transport.

Qualified teams

Our teams have ongoing training programmes and incorporate new knowledge and innovations into their daily activities, to guarantee a modern service that meets the needs of our customers in a world that is constantly evolving.

Sector expertise

In the transport, storage, and handling of pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic, and fine chemical products, we maintain high quality standards, with a team of highly qualified professionals ensuring that the goods are always in perfect condition.

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