In the pharmaceutical sector, the role of logistics is essential to ensure an efficient and safe flow of products between manufacturers and distributors. The pharmaceutical supply chain is particularly sensitive due to the critical nature of the products, where integrity is a key issue.

Pharmaceutical logistics are governed by strict regulations to ensure the quality, traceability and safety of medicines, complying with standards such as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and other specific regulations. What characteristics must a pharmaceutical logistics warehouse have?

  • Controlled temperature and humidity: A warehouse must maintain precise climatic conditions of humidity and temperature to preserve the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products.
  • Advanced security systems: Implementation of technologies such as surveillance cameras, restricted access systems and real-time monitoring ensure product safety.
  • Efficient inventory management: The use of advanced inventory management systems that enable accurate traceability and agile product management.
  • Rigorous regulatory compliance: Strict adherence to current pharmaceutical regulations such as those established by the European Medicines Agency, ensuring that all logistics operations in the warehouses comply with quality and safety standards.
  • Specialized handling processes: Ensure that professionals handling medicines are specialized in the specific handling of sensitive refrigerated products or products requiring special transport conditions such as vaccines or medicines. Ongoing training for employees is essential.
  • Integrated information systems: The use of advanced information systems enables real-time data integration, using big data applications, facilitates decision making and improves operational efficiency.
The best warehouse for storing pharmaceutical products

The best warehouse for storing pharmaceutical products

At Airpharm we help businesses store their pharmaceutical products according to approved standards in order to preserve the quality of the medicines. We advise organizations by offering access to pharmaceutical logistics warehouses that meet the highest quality standards.

Our facilities are authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products as a warehouse for medicines under customs control or surveillance. We also carry out an effective reverse logistics operation. If you would like to store your pharmaceutical products in the most efficient and personalized way, contact Airpharm now and we will help you.

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