The pharmaceutical industry, logistics and drug distribution are, along with warehousing and manufacturing, fundamental aspects of the daily business. The distribution of pharmaceuticals in the B2B business model has to be efficient and secure to maintain the integrity of the medicines throughout the logistics process.

In this context, factors such as controlling the temperature and humidity of the medicines are essential throughout the logistics process. The company in charge of logistics and distribution of medicines or vaccines must comply with international requirements and controls such as those established by the European Medicines Agency, such as the GDP (Good Distribution Practice), in order to operate with pharmaceutical products.

A pharmaceutical company’s security and peace of mind in relation to the shipment of goods can be achieved thanks to logistics strategies that include transparency and traceability thanks to IT elements such as geolocation or the use of big data.

At Airpharm we specialize in integrated logistics and distribution of medicines as a direct service to companies in the pharmaceutical sector. We prepare all types of orders, perform unit picking and implement appropriate packaging and specific classification according to the type of product. In addition, our team handles everything from the complete pallet to the preparation of cross docking orders.

Logistics for pharmaceutical companies

Logistics for pharmaceutical companies

At Airpharm we are at the service of all types of companies in the pharmaceutical sector, tailoring our services to the specifications of each product in a personalized way and following the most demanding standards and regulations because each product is unique and different. We have approved and qualified suppliers to ensure an adequate and punctual service in all deliveries and pick-ups, keeping in mind the door- to-door delivery and maximum efficiency in the last mile.

Our facilities are authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products as a warehouse for medicines under customs control or surveillance. Our logistics and distribution procedures comply with all requirements, inspections, and controls by the authorities, maintaining close collaboration with them to continuously improve international logistics for the benefit of public health.

If you belong to the pharmaceutical sector and want your logistics to have an added value based on customization, security, traceability and efficiency, contact Airpharm now and our team of professionals will advise you straightforwardly and efficiently, based on the type of pharmaceutical products you wish to store, distribute or transport.

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