The healthcare sector is constantly evolving to better serve patients. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to increased investment in medical research and development. This is linked to the fact that, from time to time, innovations and developments arise not only in the area of medication for combating different pathologies, but also in the instruments used in medicine and nursing.

Medical devices incorporate the latest technology for maximum efficiency in safeguarding our health. Manufacturing companies, hospitals and clinics are incorporating these developments and need to be agile. This requires logistics that activate the transportation of products as well as their storage and distribution. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and safety when transporting medical devices, it really helps to have a logistics operator with experience in this sector.

At Airpharm we specialise in the logistics of sectors linked to health and medical devices, such as pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the industry that designs and manufactures medical device products serves animals as well as people. Today, the veterinary sector is booming and both professionals and pet owners need medical equipment to look after the health of dogs, cats, birds and other domestic and non-domestic wildlife.

Let’s have a look at the types of medical devices that Medical Device logistics can transport:

  • Instruments for diagnosis, observation and operation such as stethoscopes or materials used in operating theatres.
  • Devices to assist in the diagnosis of human or animal health, such as sterilisation equipment to guarantee high levels of hygiene.
  • Pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary equipment, such as defibrillators.
  • Software and IT elements that computerise and digitise work, linking it to the internet of things.
  • Products used for implantation, such as artificial limbs or pacemakers.
  • Reactive elements for specific tests.
  • Other materials that are newly developed and required by health sector workers.

At Airpharm we help you throughout the entire logistics chain for medical devices, reducing costs in the process. We have extensive knowledge about customs and tariffs to ensure that your products are transported properly and in a transparent and personalised way, with all the correct labelling and documentation.

As a result, your customers will receive their goods as quickly as possible and with the highest levels of efficiency in the market, whether by air, sea or land transport. Contact Airpharm now and we will give you all the details.

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